20% or Higher High School Drop Out Rate

by Leah Kirstein on March 10, 2011 at 4:47 am

Recent state statistics show a 20 – 30% high school drop out rate for Muskingum County.

Sandy Plymire is a Zanesville Rotary member who was shocked by the drop out rate. She is also the Executive Director of the John McIntire Library System and feels controlling the high school drop out rate begins with learning to read.

"If kids can’t read or if they are what we call in the library reluctant readers, they are not good readers, or faster readers, it does affect there whole life. It’s hard for them to get jobs. It is hard for them to be successful in the rest of their schooling," said Plymire.

For those high school students who do struggle Cassandra McDonald is there to help. Her program is called M.I.N.D. or making an impact, negotiating decisions. McDonald will present at Maysville and Zanesville high school. She teaches if you can change your mind you can change your life and will have area business owners tell their "my stories".

"He is an attorney here in Zanesville and I said what is your my story and he said I am a high school drop out not once but 3 times didn’t know what he wanted, Couldn’t make up his mind and so he dropped out of school and then at 19 he woke up and said I am going to lose 60 pounds and I am going back to school," said Cassandra McDonald, speaker.

Some of the business owners speaking did not go to college and McDonald says college is not right for everyone but, everyone should be educated.