Area Woman Hopes to Raise Awareness of National Road

by Mark Bullion on March 28, 2011 at 9:39 am

2011 marks the bicentennial building of the National Road and one group of citizens in southeast Ohio is hoping to do something about it.

Meeting with the Muskingum County Commissioners Monday afternoon, concerned citizen Dr. Lorle Porter wasn’t asking for funding from the commissioners, she was asking permission, to raise awareness to the public of such a historical road.

"We’ve asked the commissioners approval and we’ve talked to the county engineer, mr. Davis about putting some marks on the road on the Zane’s Trace so people can follow it," said Porter.

Porter says the seven mile stretch of the National Road where the signs would be placed starts at Sunflower Road off of State Route 83 and would wind through what used to be called Old Wheeling Road.

"Lots of people love to take drives and many many people are interested in the historic meaning of an area," said Porter.

Porter says the signs would say "ZT" with a direction sign indicating it is part of the National Road. Muskingum County Engineer Doug Davis says he along with the commissioners would have no problem putting the signs up. The next step is getting townships approval along the seven mile stretch.