Council Talks Z-Bus Funding; Re-opening 2nd Floor of City Jail

by Mark Bullion on March 15, 2011 at 2:50 am

Zanesville City Council met Monday night to discuss several city issues.

In its first reading, council raised questions about funding for Z-bus as far as what ridership and percentages are for what cities. They also inquired what Guernsey County pays for Z-bus service.

At the previous council meeting, Councilman Andrew Roberts expressed concerns over Z-bus’s payments to the city for fuel. Monday, it was cleared up as to why.

"They get most of their money from the state and they are paid quarterly. 78 thousand dollars a quarter for services and that’s why they get behind because they don’t have the money to pay us," said Jeff Tilton, Zanesville City Councilman.

Also at council, the idea of re-opening the second floor of the city jail began. Tilton supports the measure.

"We’ve heard from the judges and the police chief that we have criminals breaking the law twice before they serve their sentence for the first time so we’re looking at re-opening the second floor of the jail," said Tilton.

In other council news, the police secretaries and records clerk contract was voted down. The move comes after council is looking at one year versus three year contracts because of economic uncertainty for the city down the road.