Culvert Repairs on Brandywine Boulevard

by Brittany Harris on March 7, 2011 at 3:58 am

A pipe collapse in Zanesville is leaving the city water department to find funds to repair the damage.

Public Service Director Mike Sims said they discovered the large depression that is about 50 feet off the north end of the pavement on Brandywine Boulevard after the ground thawed and the snow melted. The 30-year-old pipe runs along, behind, and under the Colony Square Mall’s property.

"We’re concerned about it simply from the stand point that it’s very large and it’s very deep and it does contain the flow of an active perennial stream," said Sims.

He said water for Joe’s Run Creek runs through the pipeline and the flow is extremely heavy around this time of year. He said it’s going to be a daunting task to try and fix since the actual damage has yet to be assessed.

"We hope it’s not that bad, but it could be. Right now we’re looking at a minimum of repair of that 13 foot pipe for a length of about 75 to 100 feet," said the public service director.

He said right now they want to make repairs versus replacing the entire pipe. There is currently no estimation on how much the project will cost or how it will be funded. An emergency ordinance will need to be approved by council.

That portion of Brandywine and the rear entrance of the mall will be shut down indefinitely.