Dance for Fire Victims

by Leah Kirstein on March 14, 2011 at 11:15 am

In January, fire destroyed the Frazeysburg home of Georgia Shortridge. Living in the home was Shortridge, her daughter, son, his wife and their three children. The house was a total loss and though the family had insurance they were left with nothing. Sunday, the Frazeysburg community decided to help.

"It feels good and  I hope it goes well for them. It has been rough for them, it has been really hard. They are living with another sister and I know it has been difficult for them so it has been fun for us to do this," said Gregg Marshall, coordinator.  

At the event was the Shortridge family’s newest member baby Callen. He wasn’t dancing like the rest of the guests who danced to music by the Blues Brothers and a local band called Always Off Season. The members of the band go to school with a member of the Shortridge family and they were excited to help.

"It makes us feel like we can help someone that we know even more than if we didn’t know them and just be able to know that we helped them in their future and not just stand in the back ground," they said.

The night is donation only and though they do not know how much they will raise they know every little bit helps and every one going through these doors is having fun.

The crowd was on their feet grooving as soon as Always Off Season hit the stage. Then band was having fun too for them it is a chance to help but also to show off their talent.

"It is good because it is nice to be able to use musical talent and the unity of the band to go and play more than just some songs in our garage," they answered.

The Shortridge family is planning to knock down their old home soon and begin building new this summer.