Diversion Weekend

by Brittany Harris on March 4, 2011 at 10:23 am

Detentions, suspensions, and boot camp? Muskingum County Schools are now offering parents an alternative form of discipline for their children. 

"We call it diversion weekend because we want to divert them from the activities that got them into trouble in the first place," said Co-director Steve Kish.

The 15 students in attendance Friday night, are here for a variety of reasons: from truancy and bullying, to drug trafficking and fighting.

"It seems to me that kids are more impressionable, it’s good to get them while they’re young and get them on the right track," said Drill Instructor Brian McQuade.

The 18 hours spent at Foxfire High School are not pleasant, the students stay up late and wake up early. They are subjected to a variety of workouts and are also taught about topics like how the juvenile court system works and the dangers of drug abuse.

"I hope that they learn that there’s a better way of doing things and if they pay attention and listen to people that are trying to help them that they’ll do a better job," said McQuade.

"I talk to the kids after they’ve been through the program and they don’t want to come back, they hopefully change their behavior. And this is a big deterrent to keep them in line and behaving the way they should," said Muskingum County Deputy Sheriff Chris Merry.

While results aren’t guaranteed, one thing is certain, this will be a weekend these students never forget.