Fire Destroys Home in Newton Township

by Brittany Harris on March 19, 2011 at 3:17 am

A home is destroyed after a fire broke out in Newton Township Thursday night.

"I had just gotten up off the couch and happened to glance out the window and saw orange flames shooting off the back of the porch and I told my wife, her house is on fire and I hurried up and called 911," said Witness Michael Dailey.

Newton Township Fire Department arrived at 6785 Old Town Road to discover the structure completely engulfed in flames. As crews began working, the roof caved in making it even more difficult to put out.

"Normally we’d get inside the house and be able to get to the smaller fires, we can’t put anybody inside the house because of safety reasons so we’re going to have to fight everything from the outside and it’s just going to take some time," said Fire Chief Allen Deaver.

Chief Deaver said they will return to the scene tomorrow to investigate.

"We’ve called the state investigator, he’s going to come in and assist us in the morning and we’ll go through the house bit by bit and see if we can figure out what started it," he said.

The chief said the owner was staying with family while the home was being renovated.

Roseville and South Zanesville Fire Departments were called in to assist with additional manpower and water.