Flood Plan

by Leah Kirstein on March 4, 2011 at 6:29 am

An excess of rain can be one of the most dangerous natural disasters, partially due to flooding. When flooding is a possibility you must have a plan.

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross advises people to have an escape plan. You should pack a bag with enough food, water, clothing and medications for three days.

"If by chance you cannot get out of your house make sure that you have enough supplies in there until the water level would recede or until a rescue worker could come and get you out," said Marlene Henderson, Muskingum Valley Red Cross.

Even if you do not see flooding, check your basement for water. Water damage can have dangerous consequences.

"The potential for the mud and the mold and everything that will be there after the water recedes is not healthy at all. So, get as much stuff up into an upper level of the home," said Henderson.

Henderson reminds people not to forget about their pets. If you have to leave have a bag packed for them too. If you are stuck inside be sure they are with you.