Governor Kasich Promises Change

by Brittany Harris on March 9, 2011 at 9:56 am

"I haven’t been in office for seven years, only seven weeks," said Governor Kasich who is already making changes to Ohio’s budget that are leaving some residents unhappy.

"People will not stay in a community or a state where they can’t maintain or improve their standard of living, people that earn a good living be that union or non-union, can support their families without public assistance," said Township Trustee Theresa Allen.

Kasich said his plans are designed to balance the state’s budget, preserve the tax cut, and create a platform for economic growth.

"Politicians who have been first of all not imaginative without any courage and not willing to make any changes and let special interests order the day, that’s not going to happen here anymore," he said.

The governor said he will not be raising taxes and wants to take advantage of the resources we already have. He says nearly 600,000 jobs have left the state over the past ten years.

"We also want to be in a position where we can have the resources we need to offer companies here a chance to expand rather than leaving our state."

One of Kasich’s reform initiatives include the passage of Senate Bill 5, which is now under review by the House. Many union members are displeased by the changes proposed.

"We’re concerned that it’s simply a dollar and cents issue and they’re not really paying attention to the folks that work in those places," said Charles Williamson who works for Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.

"We’re willing to come to the table, but right now there is only one chair at the table and I believe if he would want to sit down and try to come to real solutions, we’d be willing to do that," said VP of Ohio Civil Service Corrections Assembly Tim Roberts.

The governor will present the final budget next Tuesday to over 850 residents at a theater in Columbus.