Governor’s Plans for Southeastern Ohio

by Brittany Harris on March 10, 2011 at 2:37 am

My one on one interview with Governor John Kasich continues Thursday night as he speaks more specifically on how he plans to develop jobs in southeastern Ohio.

The governor said will not raise taxes because it will cause companies to move out of state. He said he wants to give them the resources they need to expand.

"I don’t need to tell anybody how difficult it is, but our goal is to create an atmosphere, instead of people flying over our state, there going to stop and say I’m going to create a job in Ohio," he said.

In southeastern Ohio, he said he’d like to see the rivers used more effectively. He has also assigned a task force to research Marcellus, Utica and Shale natural gas wells to find out if there are ways to take advantage of it. He said he will make sure there is better communication between lcoals and the government to find out what their needs are.

"Basically we get information from people who live in the region and say these are things that can help us strengthen our economy and that is precisely how we will proceed," said the governor.

Kasich wants to remind the public that he has only been in office for seven weeks, but is planning to make changes that will balance the state’s budget and also bring more jobs to the area.