Grant Brings News Technology to Foxfire

by Leah Kirstein on March 11, 2011 at 5:03 am

A grant is helping local students stay connected.

Out of 5,000 schools nationwide Foxfire School was one of 23 to get the grant sponsored by the Federal Communications Commission. Through a partnership with Sprint Wireless each student will get a laptop device with 4-G capabilities. This will help student K-12 access digital text books and cutting edge learning tools.

"The unique thing about the situation is with the 4G you have internet access anytime, anywhere and that’s going to be big as we integrate 21st century thinking skills, technology skills not only to our students, but also into the homes of a lot of economically disadvantaged children and students," said  Todd Whiteman, Foxfire Schools Superintendent.

The student Dell Netbooks will be powered by Sprint 4G so they can get internet anytime, anywhere. Sprint has been working with Firefox and is happy they received the grant.

"It is great for them because they get their hands on the technology and they are able to take it home now and in the traditional model it was stuck in the classroom," said Sprint Sales Manager Charles Carlos.

The US Department of Education shows technology based instruction can help student reach and objective 30 – 80% faster.