Helping Those Who Protect Us

by Brittany Harris on March 27, 2011 at 6:25 am

Some community members are giving back to those who help keep us safe.

The Dresden Volunteer Fire Department invited the public out for a steak dinner on Sunday. This is one of six fundraisers held throughout the year to help with the department’s operating costs.

"The general expenses that we have for fire training, to buy equipment, replace outdated or obsolete equipment, and it also helps out the regular budget that we have," said Captain Jeff Garver.

Captain Garver said events like this one are a good way to supplement the financial support they receive from the village and tax payers. He said though the economic times are tough, their budget has not been affected.

"We’ve been fortunate enough not to see any budget cuts, I don’t think we’re going to see any increases, but we haven’t had any cuts. The dinners we have will certainly help with any losses that we may have," he said.

They hope to raise $1,200 from the dinner. He said they are also looking for more volunteer firefighters, anyone is welcome to apply.

"The department will take care of all the training and the costs and there are some of things that you will have to go through like a background check and you have to have a physical exam that the village will pay for and then we take care of the training here in house," said the Captain.

For more information you can visit the department’s website at