How Does Your Garden Grow?

by Leah Kirstein on March 5, 2011 at 7:21 am

Several hundred people gather to learn about gardening at the 8th annual symposium.

Saturday at the 8th Annual Garden Symposium, gardeners had the chance to hear from two speakers including the Perennial Diva, Stephanie Cohen about organizing your garden and some of the advantages to gardening.

"Gardening does different things for different people. First of all it burns up calories. Everybody has to pay all that money to go to a gym and you burn the same calories. A lot of people find their mind just goes and it is very relaxing," said Perennial Diva, Stephanie Cohen.

The symposium brings people who love gardening together. Garden Society president Brian McLoughlin says this year is the best turn out ever with over 250 people in attendance.

"We’ve got professionals with PHD all the way down to laborers just anybody that loves to garden. It’s not about what group you do or don’t belong to or what job you do. It’s about coming together, trading ideas and getting your hands in the dirt," said President Brian McLoughlin.

The community can look forward to more flowers this spring especially along the Y bridge.