Improper Railroad Crossing Costs ZCS Bus Driver’s Job

by Mark Bullion on March 8, 2011 at 11:00 am

Violating safety procedures costs a local bus driver her job.

Zanesville City Schools Student Service Coordinator Kevin Appleman says the female driver went through the rail road tracks at Pershing road and Woodlawn Avenue without stopping a couple weeks ago. He says that is not proper protocol for bus drivers.

"Our job is to look out for the safety of all of our students, the drivers, and the public, and when that occured, it’s just not appropriate for a driver to do that," said Appleman.

Appleman says drivers are required to approach the tracks with the bus door open, listen, completely stop, pull the air brake, listen again and then proceed. He says the driver did not follow those procedures and is now paying the price.

"We placed the driver on suspended leave with pay to make sure we followed all procedures and we did do that and then at that time we dismissed her from her driving for Zanesville city schools," said Appleman.

Zanesville Police have launched an investigation into the incident. The officer in charge was not availble for comment to release the name of the driver. The case remains under investigation.