Investigating Paranormal Activity

by Brittany Harris on March 10, 2011 at 9:50 am

The Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators presented evidence of paranormal activity to the public Thursday night at Zak’s Restaurant in downtown Zanesville.

The building was constructed in 1893 and has only been owned by two families: the Wiles and the Zakanys. The group’s historian said that a man died in an elevator shaft during its construction in 1913. The investigators believe his ghost is still lingering today. Waitresses have also reported hearing whispering voices and seeing apparitions.

"When we go out, our goal is obviously to catch something on video or audio, a lot of times you don’t do that but in this particular incident we did catch a lot of audio clips which is your electric voice phenomenon," said Co-Founder and Investigator Michelle Duke.

The group explained how they conduct investigations and showed evidence of what they discovered at Zaks. They use specific equipment to help detect any paranormal activity. Co-Founder Tom Robson said the digital voice recorder is probably their most valuable tool.

"Probably about 80% of our evidence is caught with digital voice recorder, don’t ask me why, but it just happens to be that EVP or electronic voice phenomenon is the most common thing that we capture," said Robson.

He said the community theater in Zanesville is probably the most haunted building they have investigated to date.

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