Kasich Discusses Senate Bill 5

by Brittany Harris on March 9, 2011 at 7:04 am

With the recent controversy surrounding Senate Bill 5, Governor John Kasich is continuing to chip away at the state’s nearly $8 billion deficit. The governor said by eliminating collective bargaining rights for unions, it will give power back to the taxpayers.

"Overall this is a part of a major reform plan designed to get our budget balanced, designed to preserve the tax cut, designed to create a platform for economic growth," said Kasich.

He said a lot of people are misinformed about what the bill actually includes.

"People will be able to negotiate on wages and working conditions, but there are other things that we think the tax payers should be in charge of," he said.

He adds that had this law been enacted last year, they could have save the state of Ohio over a billion dollars.

Protestors speak out about their concerns.

"As a township trustee, when you make budget cuts, you need to consider how you’re going to make up the revenue. A lot of what is being proposed is simply passing the buck off to local communities and local districts," said Theresa Allen.

The governor said he is not asking one union to give up more than another and that these changes are vital for the survival of the state’s economy.

"People are less likely to come forward to with ideas and so forth because they don’t have the protection of their unions and are able to negotiate certain things," said Charles Williamson who works for Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.

"We’re willing to come to the table, but right now there is only one chair at the table and I believe if he would want to sit down and try to come to real solutions, we’d be willing to do that," said Corrections Officer and V.P. for Ohio Civil Service Corrections Assembly Tim Roberts.

The bill is still under review by the House of Representatives. The governor plans to release his finalized budget for the state next Tuesday.