Kasich’s Budget Cuts to be Felt in SE Ohio

by Mark Bullion on March 15, 2011 at 9:57 am

Funding cuts in the state budget will impact some local organizations.

The state’s public libraries are expected to face around a 5 percent cut in funding which translates to a 155,000 dollar reduction in the Muskingum County Library Budget.

The library anticipated the reduction in funding and has budgeted for the cuts. Public Relations Manager Blair Tom says customers should not notice any major changes in the way the library operates.

"Our staffing levels are much more focused on levels that still guarantee exceptional library experiences that are scheduled at the times that customers use us most.," said Tom.

Though state funding for education is increasing, a loss of federal stimulus money will result in an 11.5 percent cut in funding for the Department of Education.

Zanesville City Schools Superintendent Terry Martin says the district has already made it’s own cuts to prepare for cuts in state funding.

"To wait means that you have to have a bigger cut later on because the savings you have in one year compounds for the second year so every time you can save a dollar now, it’s like two dollars over two years provided you don’t spend it," said Martin.

A final budget for the state will have to be approved by the House and Senate by June 30th.