Local Business Owners Talk Budget

by Ashley Zilka on March 1, 2011 at 10:50 am

Local small business owners came together this morning to talk budget.

The National Federation of Independent Business hosted an Area Action Council meeting at Honey Baked Ham in Zanesville this morning.  At the meeting, local small business owners had an opportunity to discuss the state budget deficit and the impact it will have on them….an impact that Legislative Director Chris Ferruso says might not be all that bad.

"I believe, for the small business owners and the taxpayers that help support this government, cuts will be positive because it will mean some of the services that their tax dollars are using to support will no longer be as flushed with cash or continue to receive the same amount of revenue, so I think overall it will be a reinvention of state government," said Ferruso. 

Ferruso says today’s meeting was a way to talk to members, give ideas, and listen to their feedback.  He says there are ways to make cuts or changes to help fill the budget hole.

"No doubt about it the cost drivers in the system are medicaid, education (primary, secondary, and higher education), our corrections, and the amount of moneys that flow through the state to local governments and how those resources are used in individual communities," said Ferruso. 

Ferruso says there is around a nine billion dollar budget deficit in Ohio.