Local Opinion on Charlie Sheen

by Leah Kirstein on March 11, 2011 at 5:20 am

Before last week Charlie Sheen was best known for his role on Two and a Half Men. In the last week, all that has changed. He lost his job, his children and has graced headlines.

Steve Carrell of Muskingum Valley Behavioral Health feels his reactions to addiction treatment may affect other addicts. Carrel says he cannot diagnose Sheen as being an addict because he is not able to interview him, but he does say Sheen has signs of being an addict.

"You are the center of the universe. You think you are greater and more powerful than anybody else and everybody bowls to you. It is your grandiosity and erratic behavior is another thing that may happen to you," said Carrell.

Carrell also says addicts are more likely to rant. Last week, Sheen ranted about AA not working and how rehab is a joke.

"I was very upset as an addiction professional at his attack not only on the profession, but people who are out there who have addictions I think are going to be less likely to go for help now," said Carrell.

For those who do decide to get help Carrell notes once a person has entered an inpatient residential program it is voluntary and they can leave anytime they want.