Muskingum County Budget 2011

by Brittany Harris on March 7, 2011 at 6:28 am

The budget for Muskingum County has been finalized for 2011.

County Commissioner Jerry Lavy said they had to make cuts based on revenue generated from last year and this year.

"We worked as diligently as we could to get it down to where we needed to be because you obviously can’t spend more than what you bring in because we’re mandated by law to have a balanced budget," said Lavy.

He said no lay-offs or furlough days are being implemented and department services will not be affected. With the states nearly $8 billion deficit, he expects to see funding cut on the local level.

"I’ve heard several different percentages 20 to 25% so we have no clue in our local government funding what it’s going to be until after the state budget is presented," said the commissioner.

The state’s budget will be determined by March 15th.