Muskingum County Lake to be Drained

by Mark Bullion on March 2, 2011 at 12:13 pm

The recent heavy rainfall combined with this winter’s snow pack is forcing officials to begin draining a Muskingum County lake Wednesday morning.

Located between Yoker Road and State Route 313, officials will begin draining the lake around 8:00 am. Muskingum County EMA Director Bo Keck says they are not anticipating any problems that could affect residents.

"They should see no more than they would with a heavy thunderstorm if the release goes properly. This could go for 3 or 4 days. As the water level goes down, they will keep releasing and releasing," said Keck.

Keck says the lake’s drain pipe collapsed not allowing water to drain properly causing a rapid rise in water levels to the point where it could become dangerous to surrounding residents.

"This is the first one that they’ve had to drain on an emergency type situation to where the water is so high, it can’t take much more water so they’ve got to get it down," said Keck.

Keck says the water will drain into portions of Guernsey County across State Route 146 and eventually down through Noble County. He says if residents do happen to see water rise rapidly near their homes or anything unusual to call 911. The overall draining of the lake will be approximately a two week process.