Nichole Hannahs

New Plan Takes Form

by Nichole Hannahs on March 17, 2011 at 12:38 pm

Muskingum County Commissioners look to build committees to help guide the direction of the county.

The new plan is an offshoot of a county comprehensive plan made several years ago.

"There was a plan 5 to 6 years ago," said Commissioner Brian Hill. "There was one hundred people involved in it and said this is Muskingum County. It is a plan that shows basically what we have not necessarily what they want to see happen."

Jim Swingle and Mark Mechling will help lead volunteers to chart where residential, agriculture, commercial and industry lie within the county in hopes of being more resourceful.

"It will kind of help us be more efficient in planning on where certain types of growth happen in the county with limited dollars and limited grants available to help us focus where dollars can be spent," said Hill

Hill also said the plan can help the county decide where water and sewer line can be place for areas of the greatest impact. If anyone is interested in joining one of the committees they should contact the Muskingum County Commissioners.