New Zealand Meets Zanesville

by Leah Kirstein on March 7, 2011 at 3:31 am

International reality show World’s Strictest parents makes a stop in the Y- city to see if a Zanesville couple can help shape up two troubled teens from New Zealand. See video to the left.

In 2009, Cassandra and Nathan McDonald were on the show World’s Strictest Parents Australia so when a phone call came asking them to host two teens from New Zealand they said yes.

"I always feel that the call is a mission because there are so many show and so many other areas in the world that they could have chosen, but they chose America and they chose Ohio and they chose us so it is like that call is a mission and it’s an assignment ," said Cassandra McDonald.

The kids arrived Thursday and ever since the experience has been interesting. McDonald feels even though these kids are troubled every child has the same heart.

"If you can get to their heart then you can change them and that is our mission. So we have to give them a reason and give them some tools to change and they actually have come and said we want to change," answers McDonald.

The first life changing experience came through volunteering. Within just an hour of being here the 17 and 18 year old went to Christ’s Table and they say the experience changed them.

While Brittany is enjoying her time in Zanesville and changing , Adam does not appear to be as enthused. In fact, he had to leave church on Sunday while Brittany was willing to give it a try.

"I have been in a lot of trouble. Pretty much being disrespectful and stuff going down the wrong track and I would say this experience saved me from doing something that could harm me," said Brittany.

It is Brittany’s first time visiting the United States and Adam’s second. While the two will only spend a week here they both say they will not forget the experience, especially the snow.

"And walking out in the morning and seeing snow it was amazing. Best thing ever at 4:00 this morning we went and were making snow angels. We were going to go to bed and then we could not sleep" answered Brittany and Adam.

The teens have 3 days left to find out if they will become mature adults. Zanesville was selected after the McDonalds had success with the Australian kids.