Northpointe Dr. Re-opening Could Take Months

by Mark Bullion on March 31, 2011 at 10:39 am

The closing of the northbound lane of Northpointe Drive has made for a headache for many motorists, but Thursday, WHIZ got a few more answers as to what is being done and the time it will take to make repairs.

Muskingum County Engineer Doug Davis along with county commissioners met Thursday morning at the slippage point of the road to assess the situation and see what could be done. Davis says he’s looking at quotes from a drilling company along with talking to the original contractor that built the road to try and fix the 800 foot long, 30 wide and 40 foot deep area where the slippage occured.

"So if you do numbers on that, you’re going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of around 40,000 cubic yards of dirt to be moved which is a substantial project," said Davis.

Davis says if he can get the drilling company to start working on it within the next two or three weeks along with an engineering analysis, he’ll have a better idea of how long it will take to complete the job.

"We’ll be looking into the middle of a May time frame where a contractor could come in and start working on this which is good weather enough to work on it. "

Davis says the closing of the road is purely a safety issue. He says they diverted traffic to 60 because Powelson and Mcglade School roads, both of which connect to Northpointe, cannot handle 18-wheelers as well as cars.