Not an Everyday Adoption Story

by Leah Kirstein on March 24, 2011 at 7:28 am

Lisa and Matthew Smith of Zanesville had two biological children then they decided to adopt but, this is not your typical adoption. View story to the left.

Matthew and Lisa Smith have been married for 17 years. After, having two biological children they decided they wanted more and adopted a new born with Downs Syndrome.

"He made you slow down and would appreciate the simple things in life and I think when we really started to want to adopt more children we really thought that down syndrome was the way to go for us," said Lisa.

They adopted, Jon, now 10 who is autistic. They didn’t stop there, they adopted Ethan in 2005. Matthew is a stay-at-home father who adores his children.

"It is tough. To me it is hard to ah um get other people to see kids with special needs.  They are great kids too. I am sorry… I just love my kids," said Matthew.

To bring even more love into the family, they adopted Carmen who would be 3 but, passed away just after birth. This didn’t keep the family from adopting again, they are in the process of adopting 3 year old Yana from Southeastern Europe. 

The family is not able to know much about Yana just her name and that she is 3 years old; for them they just can’t wait to take her her first Ohio State outfit. In a few months, Matthew and Lisa hope to meet her for the first time and give her the gifts. Months later and once approved they can bring her to the States. If they are not able to there is just one alternative.

"When she turns 4 she will be placed in an adult mental institution and it is not your typical group home it is definitely an adult mental institution and most children die within the first year and a half," explains Lisa.

The Smith’s are $10,000 away from the amount they need to make Yana their, but when they do Matthew is sure she will be a daddy’s girl.

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