Raid Uncovers Marijuana Growing Rooms

by Kelly Mills on March 31, 2011 at 10:09 am

The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office raided a Zanesville home Thursday evening searching for drugs. They discovered a marijuana growing operation.

Sheriff Matt Lutz says the raid was the result of an on-going investigation into the home at 1015 Ohio Street.

In the upstairs of the home there were two growing rooms filled with marijuana.

"A lot of these grow rooms they’ll have a starter room where they start the plants in small pots, and as they get them to where they are growing and get them more mature they’ll move them into another section of the area they’re growing so that they can treat them differently," says Sheriff Lutz.

The Sheriff says they recovered around 100 marijuana plants, valued at $100,000. They also found multiple one-pound bags of processed marijuana, guns and money.

He says growing operations like this can be anywhere.

"We know of a lot that are in their houses and we’ve found several in our county and just not houses, but garages, pole barns, whatever the case may be, so anytime they can get a shelter like this where they can keep them hid it’s harder for us to find," says Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz says one man in his 50s was taken into custody. He says the suspect will likely face marijuana trafficking and cultivation charges.