Rainfall Could Bring Flooding

by Brittany Harris on March 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

Dillon Dam is beginning to prepare for the rainfall that is expected to arrive by Wednesday.

The dam is working in cooperation with 15 other area projects to monitor water levels to ensure that flooding is prevented.

"We don’t all want to be releasing water at the same time and so some of the projects have to release water and then when they release water to keep from flooding down stream, we will hold back," said Project Manager Clifton Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick said they are still dealing with excess water from last week’s storm.

"Right now it’s a situation where the water is not going very fast and not draining very fast, so we do have some concerns, but we are going to work to the best of our ability to hold back from flooding," he said.

He asks that the public be mindful that the dam can only control so much of the water flow up and down stream.