Reviewing Muskingum County’s Revenue

by Brittany Harris on March 28, 2011 at 6:44 am

With a shrinking budget, Muskingum County Commissioners are continuing to find ways to not only save money, but make some too.

Commissioners Jim Porter and Jerry Lavy had their monthly investment committee meeting on Monday. They met with a representative from Community Bank to discuss the county’s account balances.

"So we have some ideas to see our cash flow and what the interests are that we’re earning off the money that’s on deposit there," said Commissioner Jerry Lavy.

They reviewed the general checking, health insurance, and two electronic billing accounts. Lavy said generating revenue is very important for the county, especially in such tough economic times.

"That’s money that we can use and everybody knows last year that the interest rates were down, the last couple of years, so the return that we’re getting back from those has been low which can deplete the general funds," he said.

If passed by the legislature, Governor John Kasich’s proposed budget the state will cut funding by 25% to the county.