SE Ohio Educators Learn More About Kasich’s Proposed Cuts

by Mark Bullion on March 31, 2011 at 10:40 am

Educators from all over southeast Ohio took part in a seminar Thursday at Mid-East Career and Technology Cnter to learn more about Gvernor John Kasich’s proposed cuts to education funding.

Speaking to teachers, principals, superintendents and board members, Director of the Governor’s Office for 21st Century Education Dr. Robert Sommers spoke about what Governor Kasich’s cuts mean for districts state wide. His message to educators was not raising taxes but make government including education more cost effective.

"Our initiatives and reforms are focused on getting government off their back, giving them opportunities to share services, to give parents and students choices to go to the best schools they possibly can regardless of their income," said Sommers.

Sommers says tackling the issue is not easy, but given what districts already have, more can be done to achieve a more academically sound education for students.

"If we can engage technology, give kids more choice in how they learn, not just different schools but different experiences in the school, we think we can get better results at a lower price," said Sommers.

Sommers says this will be the next generation of education with more student-oriented and technologically progressive education made available to students while still being cost effective.