Seniors Bowling Strikes

by Leah Kirstein on March 25, 2011 at 3:11 am

Local seniors put a unique "spin" on Bowl for Kid’s Sake, a fundraiser for Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

The players Wii bowled at the Center for Seniors. The competition featured 10 teams including last year’s champions who traveled from Morgan County.

"The residents wanted to come up and support the big brothers, big sisters and help them out in anyway they can and that is what we are here for and to have a good time," said Judy Cain from Highland Oaks.

Mary Phillis says she enjoys the competition and even would practice at midnight. 

"It is a fun thing to do. To get out and be with the crowd. It is fun," said Bowler Mary Phillis.

Phillis is also the teams fundraising leader and says she is happy to do this for kids.