Sheriff’s Office to Lease 5 New Patrol Cars

by Mark Bullion on March 24, 2011 at 10:06 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday passed a resolution allowing the Sheriff’s office to lease five new cruisers for deputies this year.

This is the third year the commissioners have leased the vehicles. Before, the county bought used Highway Patrol cruisers from the state. The commissioners decided leasing Ford Crown Victorias was the better decision in the long term becasue of longevity and cost.

"It’s saving on repair bills, vehicles are lasting longer having them from start to finish and this turned out to be a better deal since the state of Ohio is putting a lot more miles on them than they used to," said Brian Hill, Muskingum County Commissioner.

Hill says the county has always bought Crown Vics because of their versatility in maintenance and repairs.

"All the parts and pieces have been interchangeable. The maintenance crew that works on them are very familiar with the Crown Vics. The cages that go inside them can be taken out of one car and put into another," said Hill

Hill says the five cruisers will cost the county around 40,000 dollars a year for three years in lease payments, then the county will buy them once the leases are up.