Social Security Administration Not So Secure

by Brittany Harris on March 3, 2011 at 1:33 am

Some area workers are speaking out about the U.S. House of Representatives recent proposal to make cuts to the Social Security Administration’s budget to help reduce the country’s growing deficit.

The American Federation of Government Employees Local 3348 hosted an informational picket Wednesday morning at the Social Security Administration building in Zanesville. Member Sandra Brown said the goal is to let the public know how the federal agency will be affected if $1.7 billion dollars is cut from its funding.

"They are targeting us and we didn’t contribute to the deficit. We’re good citizens too, and we’re on a pay freeze and all of those things and we understand that, but we need a budget to function," said Brown.

She said the government could be implementing as many as 30 furlough days, which means they would have to take off one day every week until September.

"These are hard times anyway for people not able to work or just lost a loved one or transitioning to retirement. We wouldn’t be here to help them or it would be slowed down immensely," she said.

She encourages the public to call their senators and stand up for their rights.