Union Workers, Public to Protest Senate Bill 5 In New Lex.

by Mark Bullion on March 8, 2011 at 9:59 am

Some area public workers are planning to protest Senate Bill 5.

The protest will take place in downtown New Lexington in front of the court house Thursday from 4:15 to 6 pm. Crooksville Elementary School teacher Christina Fisher, who will be at the event, is inviting teachers, police, firefighters, and anyone in the public that wants to support the middle class.

"I went into teaching to make a difference, not to get rich. I understand what it’s like to be middle class, but when we look at the payscales, I could make 20,000 dollars less than what I do now which would be poverty level," Said Fisher.

If the bill passes the House and Governor Kasich signs the bill into law, Fisher says she along with other public workers are not going to give up the fight.

"We’re going to go ahead and file for referendum and take it to the people hopefully in November," said Fisher.

Hearings on the bill began Tuesday afternoon in the State House.