Voicing Concerns to Congressman Bob Gibbs

by Brittany Harris on March 23, 2011 at 7:45 am

Congressman Bob Gibbs is being questioned by some area residents for his opposition over a federal health care law.

A representative of Progress Ohio along with local activists voiced their concerns over his support to stop funding or repeal the federal Affordable Care Act health care law.

"We’re hoping he’s going to hear that there are citizens in his district that are benefiting and that it’s time to move to forward and not play politics with something as important as the healthcare of the people that live here in the district," said Denise Gastesi with Progress Ohio.

The law currently provides insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and allows young adults to stay on their parents policies until 26-years-old among other several benefits. 

Resident Anne Furek said it’s already affecting her family. 

"Very concerned for my parents who are 84 and 83, my mother losing her health benefits and is now not able to get on to my father policies because of a pre-existing condition," said Furek.

Wednesday marks the law’s one year anniversary. A gift box was given to Gibb’s District Office to remind him what would be lost if the law is changed or repealed.

Congressman Bob Gibbs was not available for comment.