Zane State College to Expand

by Brittany Harris on March 8, 2011 at 10:27 am

An area college is seeking federal funds to help support its proposed expansion.

Economic Development Administration representative Lee Shirey met with officials of Zane State College Tuesday afternoon to learn more about the school’s proposal to add a second building to the Cambridge campus.

"What we do and teach at Zane State College is really very much linked to what is needed, the jobs that are available, the skills and the proficiencies that are needed in this community," Executive Director of Institutional Advancements Pamela Jira.

The college has recently applied for funding through the EDA to help support the projects costs, which is expected to be around $9 million. So far, through private donations, nearly $2 million has been collected.

"This is an amazing community and the outpouring of support towards this project is so amazing and it’s really encouraging as we go along," said Jira.

"Everyone understands that it’s so hard to go alone and by working together we can help lead our economic efforts and so I’m excited to be here today to meet with the various community members so we can talk about these competitive projects," said EDA Representative Lee Shirey.

The current facility is at full-capacity housing a number of academic programs. With the new expansion, it will create more classrooms, labs, and areas for students to interact.

"It also allows us to serve better our non-credit training in our work force development side the short term certificates by freeing up space," said VP of Academic Services.

If the proposal is approved by the EDA, the new building will break ground late next year and be fully operational by 2013.