Zwelling Gives Final State of the City Address

by Mark Bullion on March 28, 2011 at 9:30 am

Zanesville Mayor Butch Zwelling delivered his final state of the city address to city council Monday night.

Zwelling says it has been a great honor to serve such a great city for the past six years. He says one of the biggest highlights as mayor was adopting the city of Slidell,Louisiana when hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast.

"The look of satisfaction on the part of our people who took their vacations and went down there to help their fellow americans who were devastated was worth a million," said Zwelling.

Zwelling says even though he has less than a year left as mayor, his job is not done until he is out of office and that means working with council on some long term projects he hopes to accomplish before his last day December 31st.

"A skate board park for the kids, some lights for Gant stadium, some improvements to Secrest Auditorium, these are not major league expenditures, these are just things that you don’t pay for out of your regular budget," said Zwelling.

Republican candidate Rob Sharrer and Democratic candidate and City Councilman Jeff Tilton will be running for Zanesville City Mayor come November.

In other council news Monday, council passed a second reading of an ordinance authorizing city funding for Z-bus in the amount of 80-thousand dollars. The ordinance will be up for third reading at next city council meeting on April 11th.