Bringing Katya Home

by Brittany Harris on April 6, 2011 at 11:16 am

Hope Anne Dueck and her husband are hoping to add another member to their family, six-year-old Katya from eastern Europe.

"She has significant special needs, she has some significant head diformities which will probably require surgery in fact she should’ve had surgery several years ago," said Hope Anne.

She first met Katya at an orphanage during a mission trip in 2009 and discovered that children with special needs between the ages of four and six-years-old are institutionalized for life.

"They are not given anything except the basic physical care, there’s no education for them, there’s no vocational training, there’s very little way in the way of medical care," she said.

Hope Anne said because the institutions are in such bad condtion, nearly 50% of the children sent to them die after the first year.

In 2005, the family adopted their 11-year-old daughter Kristina from Russia and have seen nothing but improvements since bringing her home.

"We know there’s hope for Katya with the love of a family and good medical care there’s a lot of hope for her," said the mother.

The community is invited to attend a fundraiser food, auctions, and music this Saturday at the Anchor Church in Zanesville from 12-4 p.m. All proceeds will help finance the expenses needed for the adoption.