Business Owners, Officials Talk Water Backflow Devices

by Mark Bullion on April 28, 2011 at 10:00 am

It’s a story we brought you earlier this week; business owners in Zanesville are having to cough up a few extra bucks to pay for water.

Thursday evening, business owners along with Muskingum County Officials gathered at First United Methodist Church to talk about the EPA mandated installation of water backflow devices to commercial properties to prevent contaminants from entering the water. They are upset because of the high price of installing and maintaining the device.

"As a local plumber and business owner myself, I know what initial costs are and I can feel the business owners discretion on paying such a permit fee and the cost it’s going to be," said Matt Weiser, Owner, Matt Weiser Plumbing.

Weiser says having backflow devices are part of the plumbing code but the price the city wants to charge is a bit steep.

"I do believe that they can work something out to where there is a reasonable fee that can be charged to the community as far as the business owners go," said Weiser.

Officials with the Muskingum County Health Department say the fees are not set in stone and are looking into re-assessing how much business owners would be charged.