Carr Center Cake Auction Kick-Off

by Brittany Harris on April 28, 2011 at 7:09 am

The public is invited to view all of the cakes submitted for the 25th Annual Carr Center Cake Auction.

It was a busy Wednesday at the Colony Square Mall as participants carefully brought in each of their cakes and placed it in its assigned area. Volunteer Tammy Porter said she enjoys seeing what each baker creates and how much they will go for.

"When you talk to the cake bakers and see how many hours they’ve put in, I asked a lady who came in earlier and she said she’s been working on one since the first of March getting things ready to assemble it over night last night and then come in here," she said.

Porter said it’s amazing how much people will bid on the cakes and incentives offered. She said there is something for everyone at this exciting event.

"If you can’t find something that you would like to have and spend a little money on, you’ve really got a problem in this because there really is a wide variety of stuff," she said.

The auction will begin tomorrow morning at 8:15 and will be broadcast live on AM 1240 and also streamed on our website.

At Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards the top cake for Thursday is from Dr. Wehrum with the top incentive going to Dollar General. The top cake for Friday is from Mike Nelson with Flames, Frames and More. The most creative incentive went to Huntington Bank.