Changes on the Horizon for Downtown Zanesville

by Kim Tewalt on April 19, 2011 at 7:54 am

The Zanesville Planning Commission approved the re-zoning of downtown Zanesville to an Art Overlay district Tuesday afternoon. The change wouldn’t add any restrictions to the current zoning, but would make potential additional uses of the area available.

"What this will do is make us eligible for Federal funding that we aren’t eligible for now, and will cause the Artist Colony to continue to grow and will be an asset to downtown Zanesville." said Mayor Butch Zwelling. He added, "I see no negatives in any way in this Arts Overlay district."

Zoning administrator, Pat Denbow, stresses that this will add uses such as art, entertainment, and culture, but will not change the underlying zoning districts.

"The area of town we’re interested in for this overlay district is downtown. We already have and Artist Colony set up, very active, lots going on with arts and culture in downtown Zanesville." said Denbow.

The project must go before City Council before a final decision is made.

Also on the agenda for the planning commission was the re-zoning of several commercial properties along Underwood Street in Zanesville, which must also go before City Council.