Council Talks Secretaries, Clerks Contracts; Police Cars

by Mark Bullion on April 11, 2011 at 8:57 am

Zanesville City Council met Monday night to discuss several city issues.

In its first reading, council passed an ordinance for a one-year contract for the city’s police secretaries and records clerks. The original ordinance was a three-year contract, but in a time of economic uncertainty, council felt restructuring the legislation to a one-year contract would benefit the city in the end.

"It was brought up that doing a three year contract at this point and guaranteeing raises two and three years out where we may not have money to pay those raises was a great concern for council," said Dan Vincent, City Council President.

Vincent says council is working hard to make every dollar count for the city. He says the city got lucky this year with not having layoffs or furloughs.

"We’re doing a lot of things and trying to prepare for the future to make things best for everyone, the employees, the city and also more important, the taxpayers and the service they receive," said Vincent.

In other council news Monday, declaring an emergency, council passed an ordinance allowing the city, using federal grant money to purchase three unmarked police cars for detectives. In its third and final reading, council passed legislation authorizing the city to provide 80,000 dollars in funding to Z-bus for its public transportation services.