Fees Coming for Zanesville Businesses

by Mark Bullion on April 25, 2011 at 6:27 am

If you’re a business owner in Zanesville, you might have to cough up a few extra bucks to pay for your water.

Back in January of this year, Zanesville City Council approved an ordinance to protect the city’s public water system which was mandated by the EPA. What this requires now is business owners to purchase a water backflow device to prevent contaminants from getting into the water.

"A lot of the small businesses right now, they are having the hardship on them because of the fact that economics is tough and now you’re talking about an installation that could cost anywhere from a thousand dollars to 3 thousand dollars or more," said Grant Hutcheson, 2nd Ward, City Councilman.

Dan Quinn, owner of the Sunshine Shoppe on Putnam Avenue is just one of the hundreds of businesses now affected and is not happy he has to purchase the device and have it maintained.

"They’re forcing us to pay a 240, it could be as high as a 260 dollar application fee, then we have to buy the device, then we have to have a certified plumber install this device, then we have to pay the city 25 dollars a year, that’s just 25 for them, then we have to hire a certified plumber to come in and have this tested," said Quinn.

Councilman Hutcheson who voted for the ordinance will host a community business meeting this coming Thursday to talk about the installation of these devices. The meeting will be held at the First United Methodist Church on Putnam Avenue from 6 to 8 pm.