Financial Aid Woes

by Brittany Harris on April 18, 2011 at 6:28 am

Students interested in pursuing a higher education may think twice about enrolling if there are are less financial aid opportunities available.

Vice President of Enrollment Jeff Zellers at Muskingum University said they are paying close attention to the controversy in D.C. over future funding for the Federal Pell Grant and other financial aid resources.

"There are arguments on both sides, one wanting to cut lots of stuff including the Pell Grant and another one saying we can make some cuts, but there are certain things that we ought not to cut and investment and education is one of those that shouldn’t be cut," said Zellers.

Cuts will not take place this year since the government was able to pass a budget resolution. He said however, the University is always planning ahead and they have already started recruiting for 2012. He said students should not be discouraged.

"Keep pursuing your dreams, it’s important that kids and adults are able to seek and achieve their higher education goals," said Zellers.

In order to receive financial aid, you must fill out a FAFSA form which can be found by visiting WWW.FAFSA.ED.GOV