Funding for Farmers

Funding for Farmers

by Brittany Harris on April 4, 2011

Possible budget cuts at the federal level is leaving one local agency concerned over funding for area farmers.

Executive Director Bill Huston with the Farm Service Agency at the Muskingum- Morgan County Office said they have already seen several changes including a three year pay and hiring freeze. He said this will certainly affect service in the community.

"You get tired of hearing do more with less because there’s becomes a point where you’re doing less with less and I think we hit that already," said Huston.

Huston said the agency’s goal is to have a safe abundant food supply and to also have a healthy domestic agricultural sector. He said our area could be impacted if cuts are made to the farm loan program and others like it.

"Were going to see farmers change a little bit of their planning intentions and how they do business because that safety net is not there," he said.

If a budget is not finalized by this Friday, the office will be temporarily shut down until one is determined.