Honoring the Fallen

by Brittany Harris on April 30, 2011 at 5:23 am

Community members came together on Saturday to pay tribute to fallen soldiers and their families.

Members of the Military Family Support Group and Boy Scout Troop 164 spent their morning grooming the Veteran’s Memorial Garden at Woodlawn Cemetery in Zanesville. Volunteer A.J. Smidt says it hits close to home for her because she has a soon currently serving in Afghanistan.

"Every grave that I’ve helped groom today when I look at it I think of how they have all been through boot camp, served their country, and I know their families had the same pride and anxieties as we have today so that’s where I relate," she said.

Smidt said the group also sends care packages to soldiers overseas and letters to those who have been wounded. She said it means a lot to know the public is willing to lend a helping hand.

"These individuals and families have come out today giving of their time unselfishly when I know they could be doing other things that might seem more fun, but they’ve all said that it’s been very meaningful for them as well," she said.

The support group meets the second Tuesday of every month at Saint Johns Lutheran Church. For more information you can call 740-453-7058.