Monitoring the Muskingum River

by Brittany Harris on April 25, 2011 at 6:16 am

Officials at the Dillon Dam said they have been closely monitoring the water levels from the recent rainfall and have not seen any major issues.  

Project Manager Cliff Kilpatrick said this weekend they had to shut down the dam to minimal flow to alleviate any flooding in the McConnelsville area. He said the levels have dropped much quicker than expected.

"The other side of that coin is the lake shot up and is presently 18 and a half feet above normal pool, when normal pool is 737, we’re about a 755 and a half at this juncture," said Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick said McConnellsville has a tendency to flood before any other areas on the river. He said they have a gauge down there to determine how much water they should release or hold back.

"We’re watching and monitoring very closely staying in contact with Water Control down in Huntington making sure that when we release there is a window there to release and when it’s time to close," said Kilpatrick. "When we see our charts showing us that the McConnelsville gauge is shooting straight up, we will immediately begin the process of shutting down."

If you notice any flooding in your area, you are advised to call your local Emergency Management Agency or Sheriff’s Office.