Muskingum Cty. Property Re-Appraisals Underway

by Mark Bullion on April 22, 2011 at 6:36 am

If you’re looking to cash in on the value of your home, the Muskingum County Auditor may have the answer for you.

County Auditor Debra Nye says the county is required by state statute to re-appraise property values in every Ohio county once every six years. She says efforts are already underway in assessing all of Muskingum County’s properties which is expected to take around 18 months. Nye says the first step is to review properties through aerial photographs taken.

"So we have four aerial photographs from 2002 to present so we take the last aerial photograph that was taken of that particular parcel and compare it to our most current photograph which we just finished a few weeks ago," said Nye.

Nye says once that’s done, any changes to your property are noted which could either help or hurt how much you pay in property taxes.

"A lot of people aren’t aware of that. Anytime you do anything to your house as far as take a building down, a demolition, or have a new construction to your home as far as a new garage or an out building to store mowers and things like that, they need to contact our office," said Nye.

For more information, you can visit the Muskingum County Auditor’s web site at