Potential For Flooding This Weekend

by Mark Bullion on April 23, 2011 at 3:57 am

Rain contines to fall throughout our area and that means there is a chance for flooding.

According to Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Wesley Sass, southeast Ohio could see some potentially heavy rain this weekend. Marlene Henderson with the Muskingum Valley Red Cross says one of the biggest things residents should not do if roads begin to flood is drive through them.

"You just never know if there’s a swift current with that and so many people have lost their life or seriously injured when they’ve tried to drive through standing water not sure how deep it is, they just try to go through it," said Henderson.

Henderson also says to stay away from river banks, creeks and streams because the ground is already saturated with water.

"That’s very unstable ground that you may be standing on and in a split second, that ground can give way and you would be in that rushing water and no way to get out," said Henderson.

If you live in a flood proned area, Henderson says to evacuate immediately if you see water rising.