Preventing Flooding

by Brittany Harris on April 19, 2011 at 6:39 am

It’s been a stormy and rainy day in southeastern Ohio with some flood warnings in effect and the saturated ground is leaving Dillon Dam officials on high alert.

Project Manager Cliff Kilpatrick said they are constantly monitoring the water levels above and below the dam to ensure that flooding does not occur. Dillon Dam is one of 16 projects along the Muskingum River.

"We all work together and we are all watching what the other one is doing to make sure that one is not doing or causing any problems then the other, so if we need to hold back so another can release water, we will do that," said Kilpatrick.

He said sometimes the water levels are difficult to maintain because there are several tributaries that flow into the river.

"People have to stay vigilant themselves, keep an eye on the level of the streams nearby, stay in communication with your local EMA," said the Project Manager.

The dam works in cooperation with the Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Agency to handle any potential flooding.