Storms Make Their Mark in Heath

by Mark Bullion on April 20, 2011 at 7:10 am

One of the hardest hit areas from the storms was in Licking County. WHIZ’s Mark Bullion spent the day in Heath covering the damage. You can watch his full report by clicking the video link on the left.

"The damage we had here in Heath was pretty extensive, lots of trees down, lots of power lines down, in basically just a short swath through the city," said Mark Johns, Mayor of Heath.

Mother nature brought winds with her in excess of 100 miles per hour, snapping trees like toothpicks and tossing tree limbs like sticks. One of the hard hit buildings was the Davis-Shai house in Heath. It had part of its roof ripped off but that was just the beginning.

"When the roof caved in, it caved into the Ante room on the second floor and that put a lot of weight on that floor; of course, it was raining very hard so we have a lot of water damage in the older section," said Jan Wilkin, Executive Director, Davis-Shai House.

The winds also uprooted dozens of trees near Fieldson Drive. Heath resident CR Kubik was sitting at home last night watching the weather unfold and heard the possibility of 70 mph winds. That’s when he decided to take cover in the basement before the storms hit, and when it did, he knew.

"In five seconds, it went from a whistling noise to a roaring noise to a big boom and that was the trees that went over. The whole house shook," said Kubik.

And now a city slowly works to piece everything back together.

"Being prepared for an event like this has helped us in Heath as well as Licking County in general," said Mayor Johns.